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Big Wet Butts presents: Massive butt gets oiled up before taking a major poundage

Scene Title: Hard ass pounding

Storyline: Today we went to hang out by the beach when we saw the gorgeous Veronica Rayne getting a tan. This girl's body is un-fuckin-believable!!! She's got the perfect size of boobs and a BIG ROUND ASS!!! We took her home and after chillin' by the pool, we soaked her ass in oil and fucked that tight ass HARD!! She even took a big load of cum in her mouth!!! What a great day!!
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What people are saying about: Veronica Rayne - Hard ass pounding bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

joeblo22 said: P.S. I agree, her ass is great when shes bent over, but when she stands up it disappears?!? She's got no bubble, lacking the bubble lol. I'd be a little upset with the guy that did her tits too if I were her.

Comment #2

kooster1bz said: Veronica, you're so hot! Love the new boobs! My thanks to Veronica for doing such a long outdoor photo shoot, and for the long anal scene! Please get more of Veronica on

Comment #3

Interrobang said: FINALLY, some tease, and with a sexy girl at that. I gave it a 10, and clearly, Brazzers subscribers would like to see more of this type of sequence. So why has Brazzers cut back on it so severely in the last month or so? It's not as if it costs any more to shoot. What gives?

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Well for me I have more complaints. I did not like the wind blowing so hard on the beach. Then they get to the house and the yardwork noise in the background got annoying. Naked girl walks and he asks her to watch a movie. Genius. First time I think I saw where the guy could never stop looking at the camera. He went soft at the end of the shoot. She does have amazing tits but no ass at all. Snoogans!

Comment #5

nergy221 said: Two horny consenting adults going at it. Great stuff. I liked their 69. The ass fucking was terrific. The only thing that irritated me was the way she kept saying "fuck" all the time. It got really boring and detracted from the overall quality of the performance. This scene is a keeper, but without the soundtrack.

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