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Big Wet Butts presents: Daphen unleashes her wild side while engulfing a huge cock

Scene Title: Big Booty Hunter

Storyline: Big Booty Hunter James Deen is on for another adventure. He's heard about the existence of Big Booty Girl Daphne Rosen running free in the wild, and he knew he had to hunt for that booty. He invites the viewers on his adventure to capture, tame and penetrate the big booty.
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What people are saying about: Daphne Rosen - Big Booty Hunter bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: James Dean did a surprisingly good booty hunter, even tho I think Tommy Gunn is still better. I liked the outdoor theme for the entire scene too. The sex was okay, but that one position with Daphne sitting on the rail with Dean fucking her from underneath was pretty ill. Good to see her back here, but I didn't like her in this role. Yeah she has a tremendous ass, but I think she's suited better for Milf scenes.

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: This was another good installment of Booty Hunter. The story ran somewhat long with the runaway parts. Shocked to see Daphne Rosen and Sara Jay a couple days ago. It's like ZZ is bringing back to '06 when they were getting scenes like crazy. I wasn't around then but not hard to view the scenes they've done. James Deen last few scenes have been a great edition to the site. The hottest position was on the bridge. When she sat on the railing and he was firing from underneath was awesome. It even got better when they moved to the sleeping bag. I couldn't believe that she didn't do anal but no worries. She was a good sport and played her part perfect. I loved her ending with wanting more. Snoogans!

Comment #3

methodicmadness said: why such a low scene rating? do people on this site only want skinny bitches with no curves besides their silicon breasts? I like daphne, thick juicy ass I would love to slide my dick into. Looks like a dumb story, but a hot scene this time around. Either way its good to have her back

Comment #4

Strider12471 said: Fuck yeah, moster ass and tits, plus the big wet butts scene looks interesting:) She can stand to lose a few lbs but all of us WOULD still fuck her as she is! If you say no, you are fucking lying!

Comment #5

jbb799 said: This is what we need more of. Daphne has the perfect fat ass that is made for fucking and the kind that feels great to hold on to. Lets see her back in a new DP scene. That should please everyone.

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