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Big Wet Butts presents: Rebeca Linares starring in Big Butt Cake scene

Scene Title: Big Butt Cake

Storyline: Rebecca is a cleaning lady who is always clean in her bikini and on the beat of her special Latin music. Today, she is totally wastes her boss special cake by sitting on it while chatting away with someone on the phone. To save the two ($200) dollars worth cake, she offers her boss to lick off the cake around her big wet butt.
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Comment #1

cdhombre69 said: No bitch takes it up the ass with more heat and more passion than Rebecca Linares. Although this scene was pretty tame by her standards. She even gets my dick hard just when I watch her kiss her guy on the mouth. She even makes that really fuckin' hot!!! More Rebecca please. And more of her bitch-fighting with Jenny Hendrix. Those two are great together.

Comment #2

roodydoody1 said: Delish. Love this girl and her juicy bubble!

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: I liked this story and the sex. A helluva lot more than the last time these two were together. I liked her velvet bikini too. The camera view was great following her around and squarely focusing on her ass. It was pretty sexy watching them clean each other off. The lighting was sorta dark on the underneath view. She even even did some good riding his cock sideways. The cowgirl was not nearly enough. I'm really liking the reverse spoon being used more often in scenes. She damn sure got a mouthful of cum. Snoogans!

Comment #4

toxicgreen said: I don't know why this chick came to America just to get fucked in the butthole day after day. I don't know why, but I like it.

Comment #5

rioman69 said: Is there any question now the Brazzers is the best thing that ever happened to the porn industry? well...not if your a competitor. LOL. NICE

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