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Big Wet Butts presents: Big booty Olsen gets her asshole ripped hard by big dick

Scene Title: Hard ass stretching

Storyline: Holly shit!! Look who I bumped into at a local porn store!! That's right! Bree Fuckin' Olsen!! This little sexy blonde slut was watching porn movies in a peep booth!! So I took her to my place and made my boy Zane fuck her ass hard!! And she was so into it, she cummed many times as her tight oily ass was getting stretched to the limits by Zane's big fat cock!!!
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What people are saying about: Bree Olsen - Hard ass stretching bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

robertomalone said: In mundane, everyday life, I just don't come across girls like Bree Olsen, and that's my loss and I'll have to live with it; she truly is one in a million. Luckily for guys like me, Bree became a pornstar. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, babe. Words cannot describe - Awesome babe, awesome big wet butts video. Watch it, or you will have missed one of life's great experiences.

Comment #2

donequisxy1 said: I simply love Bree you all should check out how nasty she talks on youtube. Because of this scene I joined BWBTTS, they need to have do an interracial anal.

Comment #3

Noksouljah1 said: Bree is your all american innocent 'lookin' superwhore next door...she gets ten hard-ons for this amazing performance...she really gets into her scenes!!! I wanna shplooge all over her after watchin her! And anal to...I think I'm in love too.

Comment #4

donequisxy1 said: I LOVE HER!, SHE'S A NATURAL! I have seen a lot lof her scenes soon after she came out and she is one of the best, nicde ass, tits and face, good attitude when making her films you can tell., she gets a 10!

Comment #5

robb20 said: Ahh....Bree fucking Olson! This chick is so hot. I love that cute innocent face, big natural titties, nice round ass, and sexy perverted attitude. This big wet butts scene was great, the only thing I would have liked to have seen was some vaginal sex, since I like both, I never like to see just one or the other unless the girl doesn't do both. But we all know Bree does, so we should have seen it. I liked watching her talk to the camera in the porn shop before getting fucked, it made it hotter. The only weird part was the porn movie she was watching in the peep booth. Still a good scene though, 8/10. By the way, not that Sammie Rhodes is doing guys on film, when you going to bring her back Brazzers?

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