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Big Wet Butts presents: Tory Lane is the Big Butt Present in a box

Scene Title: U.P.ASS

Storyline: Scott is away on a business trip on the day of his birthday. This really bums him out until he receives a special package via U.P.ASS from his boys back home. He pops the box open and POW! It's a big ole, juicy ass in need of a birthday boy cock in it! Ah...just what he wanted! Happy B-Day Scott!
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What people are saying about: Tory Lane - U.P.ASS bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

robertomalone said: Well, I've been saving this one up for a special occassion because I knew it was going to be hot. Well, it's my birthday, so I thought, 'Why not?' And it, that in volcanic!!! Jesus Christ, for pure ball bursting, nasty anal action, this has to be the top scene on the site! The term 'Sex Goddess' is handed out a lot, but Tory Lane deserves it more than anyone. She has an anamalistic sexual hunger and intensity that is in no way contrived, and she looks like she eats cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And that body! When you see her in this big wet butts scene, all oiled up and bending herself into the most filthy, provocative shapes, you'll do well not to cum immediately, before Scott has even touched her! And when the action starts! Christ! I've never seen a cock sliding in and out of a sweet, tight butthole so smoothly and naturally; it was like Scott's cock was just made to tool that butt! And as for Scott himself, he deserves some kind of award for not giving in and spunking his load within 10 seconds of being inside her. How he managed to last the pace is a mystery. I agree with slumpbuster09 about respect to Tory, and yes, God Bless America! And I'm a Brit! Any country that can produce something as awesome as Tory Lane has got to be doing something right!

Comment #2

seantoma1 said: She's one NASTY beeeeeoch !!! Takes it like a champ and also sucks great dick !!! LOVE HER......

Comment #3

glamisraptor said: anal anal anal!!!!! fuck what anyone says this girl love gettin in the ass, and only by a guy that ain't afraid to give it dammit! i wanna marry this girl!

Comment #4

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: Can you imagine getting a package delivered to you and having that pop out? lol. I enjoyed this more than I do most Tory scenes, because she didn't see to go too over-the-top with her performance, it was somewhat more tame by her standards. I too would like to see a non-anal scene with Tory. It would be a nice switch-up.

Comment #5

buttbarstud said: torys a true pornstar ultra hot and slutty just how i like em. would like to see more closeup scenes though .

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