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Big Wet Butts presents: Sky Taylor starring in I Hate Big Butts and They Make Me Cry scene

Scene Title: I Hate Big Butts and They Make Me Cry

Storyline: Today on the Gordy show, two people with extremely odd phobias come onto the show to meet hypnotist, Sky Taylor, who is there to help them fight their fears. Chris, a studious type, loves to do math problems, but is extremely afraid of pencils. Keiran Lee, your average Joe, loves women, but cannot stand the sight of big butts. Sky knows exactly how to solve these specific phobias. She has a great ass and a great smile.
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What people are saying about: Sky Taylor - I Hate Big Butts and They Make Me Cry bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

melgibson1 said: We need more of her!! Absolutely 1 of the best updates ever, not only in that site but in the whole porn bus. Request her for a scene!!!

Comment #2

bigbumluvr said: Very hot, eventually, though the set-up of the "talk show" where nerdy guys with ass phobias come to be treated was a total waste of time.

Comment #3

noochboy said: Wow, what a milf, and doing anal. Thank you Brazzers. I don't care what anyone else says, I love the straight to anal scenes, but I'm a pervert.

Comment #4

LBoogie said: Damn! 9 out of 10, I wish you guys would stop doing straight to Anal scenes, pornstars like her, need vaginal attention as well. I actually enjoyed this, (cause I like Sky anyway) would have been a ten, if that simple action been placed in there!

Comment #5

MissSnoogans said: I knew I had a reason for not watching many TV talk show hosts. Those guys can be very fucking annoying. Keiran reminded me of a young George Foreman and Sky was Muhammad Ali. He had some fierce rope a dope going in doggy. She was still trying to run from his long cock when she had no where to go. Mad props to her in cowgirl. She was grinding on his cock like she was churning butter. She went for the knock out at the end. She jerked him off like she was hitting a speed bag. Snoogans!

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