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Big Wet Butts presents: Sinnamon gets her sweet ass ripped by a huge slong

Scene Title: Brazzers Big Booty Oil For Sale

Storyline: James Deen is going door to door selling 'Brazzers Big Booty Oil' and finds the perfect customer with the biggest booty. He pitches his product so well that he manages to get inside her house and personally test the products on her big luscious ass.
BigWetButts Pornstar: Sinnamon Love
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What people are saying about: Sinnamon Love - Brazzers Big Booty Oil For Sale bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

Goerilla1 said: Anyone hatin on this scene don't know shit. She is and always has been bad as shit. Who gives a fuck about her gap when she performs so well? And stretch marks just means a nice ass to anyone who knows anything about asses. You stupid motherfuckers want them pancake asses, stick to the teen sites.

Comment #2

jobo88 said: Sinnamon is a whole lotta woman.I could watch her walk around in those high heels and shorts for hours.Nice big ole black booty and nice legs.The dude started coming before he pulled out and left some of the load in her pussy..hehehe--I can't say I blame him.She is a nice girl,I like her.

Comment #3

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: Good setup - door-to-door salesman getting to fuck the woman answering the door is always a winner, and damn, what a nice pad. Dean did a really good job with it too. I only watched this for Sinnamon's ass, and it was shot very well, focusing on that rump for the majority of the scene. The ass-jigging on his dick was the highlight. Def an underrated scene here.

Comment #4

yunstud1 said: I see both sides to the bad teeth thing. Yeah her teeth aren't pretty to look at but honestly is that really why we watch porn? Sinnamon has got one of the nicest asses in the biz, it's a real pleasure to watch her in action. If she got a boob job she would be a 10 in my book. Great big wet butts scene and keep her coming Brazzers!

Comment #5

my69ishot said: Hmm, she takes it up the ass like a real champ! I would do so, too! Fantastic!

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