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Scene Title: Friendly Advice

Storyline: Riley just bought a bunch of new bikinis and she just can't figure out which one fits her the best. That's when she decides to call her good friend Keiran to get a guy's advice on the matter. The only advice Keiran's gonna give her is that she needs his big dick in her big wet ass!
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What people are saying about: Riley Evans - Friendly Advice bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

salamandr1 said: I love this girl. I think she is one of the most beautiful on the entire site. Also love that she's doing anal. I wish every chick on this site would take it in the ass in every scene. Love you Riley. More More More

Comment #2

stangodango said: The way Brazzer shoots this scene and the picture used for this posting makes it look like this girl has an enormous ass. Which is not really true her butt is in proportion to her body. She is beautiful girl but I don't care for anal I think it is really grosssa

Comment #3

robb201 said: This was a fairly good big wet butts scene. I have to agree with MaryJane on just about everything she said. The bathtub sex was hotter than Jenaveve/Ramon and they did stay in there longer. Didn't care for Riley in those jeans but loved watching her try on the bikini's. The sex was decent, I wish it was rougher, wouldn't mind seeing her in a BBLIB scene. Overall this was a decent update. 8/10.

Comment #4

Jack66 said: That teasing in the beginning had me as hard as a rock! "So,are you just going to sit there or are you going to play with it?!" "I've been waiting for those words for years!" LOL Cheating is always hot fantasy! I'd eat that ass after she ate two cans of creamed corn! That was hot sitting on Keiran's face! Riley has a frigging great ass and those tits are fucking nice too! Great teasing in tub and water glistening in the lights on Riley's ass as she sucks Keiran's big hard on! Nice RCG with great tits! A2M simply amazing!!! 2nd A2M wow! Ass fucking in tub and I could not be harder!!! 3rd A2M and I am ready to launch white missiles of cum!!! Spitting on her asshole=HOT! A2P2A2PA,etc. I cant take this much excitement!!! Facial and Keiran delivers a decent load as usual! Great scene!!!

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Even though I don't think she looked hot in those jeans. Once she got undressed and went through all the changing bikinis got hotter. I don't think Keiran would have said it but if he said "I can't believe you are treating me like your gay friend". For those slow to the show, it means she's getting naked in front of him but he can't fuck. The sex in the tub was hotter than Jenaveve/Ramon. The stayed in longer plus it really felt like BIG WET BUTT. I loved all the positions in this. They both did a smashing job. Riley has a nice plump ass. Tough for vote for me with Abby/Dylan/Jordan scene and this one. Snoogans!

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