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Scene Title: 1-800-BIG WET BUTTS

Storyline: Keiran was having a regular afternoon when he fell upon an ad in a magazine. This ad guaranteed big wet butts 24/7 , eager to find out if it was real, he called up the number and 20 minutes later an Asian butt goddess showed up at his door. Surprised by her appearance Keiran was speechless. She pounced on him like a wild animal and the ass worshiping began...
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What people are saying about: Priva - 1-800-BIG WET BUTTS bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

jiml said: Lovely ass!

Comment #2

PanzerIV said: Best porn scene ever, perfect anal, perfect asian body/face... absolutely amazing! Just sad that the BJ was shooted from a bad angle like someone said.

Comment #3

robb201 said: Not into this scene. Priva had a decent body but ugly face. The sex was average at best. The only hot asian in porn is Gianna Lynn. 5/10.

Comment #4

shottaluv said: Yes Priva. Keep it up girl. Real glad to see some new non-fake-blondes on the scene

Comment #5

jacqu2 said: That was one of the best BJ scences I have seen in awhile.. I must have watched it over and over....Awesome scene...

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