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Big Wet Butts presents: A joyride with big ass Olivia Olovely

Scene Title: Big Wet Butt Star

Storyline: Ok, so we have seen lots of Olivia, but im not complaining. We ran into her trying to pump gas. We asked her if she could take us home with her and she did without questions. Donny knew right away when we got inside that, Olivia was about to get very very horny and holy shit did she. This is one hot scene be sure to check it out.
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What people are saying about: Olivia Olovely - Big Wet Butt Star bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

yunstud1 said: I'm a big fan of Olivia and this is a great big wet butts scene but I think we all agree that it was dissapointing that there was no anal. I thought Olivia was the anal queen. She should be with a ass like that. Anyway I stll enjoy Olivi's work and can't wait to see some more of her in the future!

Comment #2

diqenyahmouf1 said: I am a die hard Olivia fan and I understand that she wants to take a break from anal but this one should have been on hcba or another big ass site. Brazzers you owe us one.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: You gotta be kidding me? She quit doing anal? Fuck that! The cops told her that her skirt was too high up on her ass. BULLSHIT! I hope she got a huge crib cause she drives a Camry. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Interrobang said: Olivia O'Lovely is dynamite --and here's a video that proves it. Love the short skirt, love the red bra & g-string, love seeing her drive wearing just her bra, love watching her pour oil on that curvy frame of hers. Best of all: We get to see OLIVIA -- BY HERSELF -- for the first few minutes -- not with some dude. I gave this one a 10; I wish this were the template that all of the Brazzers videos would follow.

Comment #5

Terrell22111 said: If Your A Real Olivia Fan Youd Know She Says She Is Tired Of Doing Anal And That Her Asshole Needs A Break She Says It On Her Website I Wish She Wouldve Clapped Her Ass More Other Than That The Scene Is Great

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