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Big Wet Butts presents: Big Booty painter getting slammed by male talent

Scene Title: Luscious paints a masterpiece with her phat ass.

Storyline: Luscious is not like many artists, when she's not taking a huge cock in her pussy or ass. She spends timeless hours painting with her ass. In today's session she gets Keiran Lee to pose nude and before we know it she can't resist the cock. The two throw paint all over each other and Keiran gives her only what her asshole desires.
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What people are saying about: Luscious Lopez - Luscious paints a masterpiece with her phat ass. bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

BIKER6869 said: For your information, Mz. Lopez looks much sexier when shes completely naked. I didnt care much for the body paint either, that big butt of hers is a marvel,& should not be impaired in any way. Her natural tits,& little feet are a big turn on as well. Bentsail.......

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: I think a lot of ppl rated this big wet butts scene either without watching it or because they don't like Lucious. Cuz if you watched this, I think you would agree this was some hot shit. There was a lot of making out, which I love, and if you did watch it, you would see that they cleaned the paint off for the fucking, so there was no "shit-colored" paint during the action. I too would like to see her get more in the pussy, but with that ass, so long as she's getting it somewhere is fine with me. Definitely underrated scene.

Comment #3

joeblack402 said: id like to see her get nailed in the pussy for once, whats with the abundance of anal scenes on brazzers? how many of you prefer fucking in the ass more than a muff? wait half of you probably have never fucked in either except for your gay boyfriends. seriously..

Comment #4

smutluver said: Great ass tease Lusc. xxx - The build ups always the best bit for me! xxx Brazzers is great 'cause they have imaginiation to come up with something unique! This is a real fun scene.

Comment #5

brodie3 said: Some of these posts are crazy. The inventive style of Brazzer's and to lesser extent NA, are the reason I tune in. There are plenty of sites (and scenes on this website) without plot or creativity. Recently this site has brought its production value, plots, and non-sexual performances (but usually sexy) to a new level. Maybe I'm old school, but I like a little story, it enhances the fantasy. Keep up the good work.

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