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Scene Title: Quest for Thirst!

Storyline: Jordan doesn't know how long he's been lost in the desert but he knows that if he doesn't get hydrated, his dead body will soon be found by starving vultures. As he slowly succumbs to his demise, he sees a door and a goddess-like figure with the most perfect wet butt calling him over and holding a bottle of water. He needs the water and wants that big wet butt so he crawls towards the door and drinks the cold water off her perfect round cheeks.
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What people are saying about: Lexi Love - Quest for Thirst! bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

MissSnoogans said: Damn Jordan gonna be missed around here for me. Dude is just willing to do the goofy shit to make a scene better. Falling on rocks and boulders, hell Chevy Chase wouldn't even do that. Then he's putting dirt/sand in his mouth. Lexi tried to drown his ass with water but then again that was all him with his wide mouth open. He fucked her extremely good and she couldn't get enough. No matter the position I could tear my eyes away from the action. She made sure to get all that huge load in her mouth.

Comment #2

swedecoal said: Lexi, Lexi, Lexi! She truly outdoes herself in this scene. Intensity? Check. Sopping wet? Check. Filthy, sloppy, dirty-dirty? Check. Check. Check. Jordan gets the lucky draw on this scene of great positions, soaking sex, aggressive oral and ball-slappin', sweat-flappin' anal! Extra credit on Lexi's quasi-cowgirl outfit...nicely done, wardrobe. Nicely done. If you like wet and you like wild, this is a worthwhile watch.

Comment #3

cyspawn231 said: looks like britney spears in oops i did it again

Comment #4

dogteam said: Lexi Love has got to be one of the hottest anal starlets in porn. They all can take big dicks but not many can really look like they're having a good time. This Ho can

Comment #5

Petermc3 said: Lexi is hot with one of the most perfect asses in porn but the camera work in the big wet butts scene was terrible. He had her in doggy for about 10 min and not once did the camera go up into an over the shoulder POV type shot to give us a good look at it. Instead we got some lame side on angle where you could see fuck all. Jordan's saying "Look at your asshole stretch around my cock" but we can't see any of that from side on, it's basic, obvious stuff. Sort it out director, whoever you are?

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