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Big Wet Butts presents: Kelly Devine getting her ass pounded by a huge dick

Scene Title: White Butt Extravaganza

Storyline: Well , well , here is Kelly Devine for this week. She's got a pretty fat ass for a white girl. We had her come down to try on all of her new bathing suits by our pool. Within minutes she was horny as hell, so we called up our main man, Kurt Lockwood. Kurt never shows mercy to the ladies , this scene in particular. Be sure not to miss this one fellas...
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What people are saying about: Kelly Divine - White Butt Extravaganza bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

b555666 said: that ass looks nice she just needs somebody to really pile drive that ass. dude looked like he couldnt handle it

Comment #2

AfrOne said: Had never seen her b4, but I watched her on AIP earlier today - and liked her. So... I gave this scene a shot, and I like her even more! She's no "Barbie Doll" but definitely a "girl next door" type. Brazzers, please bring this cutie back for more....

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: Nice touch with the cameraman staying quiet. I love the ass fetish Brazzers has been bringing lately. She got the apple bottom fo sho. I liked her trying on the sexy little outfits. However I can't believe she let her ass get all those pimples. That's a damn shame. The sex was hot. She liked him smacking that ass. She might not have liked the finger in there but she got paid so fuck it. Kurt put a hurtin for certain on that pussy. Snoogans!

Comment #4

High55 said: Kelly is really sexy is this big wet butts scene. Top marks. Credits also to the cameraman for not making comments. It has to be the only time in this series that the cameraman is silenced. Keep that up for the next scenes also. The dude should be kicked out. His overdone nonsense at the end is very poor. Kelly's butt is awsome and looks very sexy in it's normal colour. It does not have to be smacked red by some out of control asshole like this dude. He nearly starts to smack her breasts also. Drop him in the pool and kick him out afterwards.

Comment #5

n!ck said: first thing, daaaaammmmmmmmmmnnnnn, baby got ass baby got boobs, shiet all that and more. Shes amazing. Gotta bring her back 4 more. get her wif delilah strong dude, they got the same body and the ass is almost identical. yeah imma ass man, hahaha. yeah but defintly bring her back. damn this thing has spell check. haah jnruewnkjfnsjf yeaup it does.

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