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Big Wet Butts presents: Katja Kassin & Luscious Lopez starring in Going Once, Going Twice... Buttsex! scene

Scene Title: Going Once, Going Twice... Buttsex!

Storyline: There's nothing like an good old fashioned outdoor auction on a hot summer's day. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the asses are jiggling. On this fine day, Katja and Luscious are scheduled to be sold to the highest bidder at 11:00AM. Their handler, Billy Bob has spent years training their bodacious bottoms to meet the highest standards of the USBFA (United States Butt Fucker Association). Today he hopes to see the fruits of his labor realized as wealthy ranchers bid for the booties he helped blossom.
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guy456 said: The picture on the big wet butts scene does not do the girls justice. Not really a fan of luscious, but- damn-she looks great from the back! Both girls have great assets. Not into the horsing around, but the girls made the scene, all the more credit to them. Way to keep "it" up, girls.

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xxx69 said: the whole movie was based os close ups.i was waiting to see some full scenes.Danny is so cute n he deserves an excellent camera man that would show full scenes where we can see not only danny's dick like in this movie but face n body. wors scenes ever. i never got to see a full scene not even one!!! what's the point of watching porn? if you are only gonna watch an ass being fuck by a dick on an entire movie close up. it does not make sense? does it?

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MissSnoogans said: This site seems to me to be going the best. It's been puttin forth some serious creativity. Couldn't have brought any two better asses than Katja and Luscious. Just them alone in those dukes made them already appetizing. i would have never of guessed it. I would have figured that these two chicks were on the same level as performers. Maybe outside on a bale of hay isn't her thang. I just know Katja had no problems ripping it up. Luscious wasn't bad but I was just shocked. They were equally about some ass to mouth. Damn Katja rockin that cowgirl still has me wet. Great idea and Danny positively did a job well fucking done. Snoogans!

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Petermc3 said: Some great camera angles for Katja getting ass fucked in doggy. Pity they don't shoot like this when they have the top chicks like Shyla, Phoenix etc. when the direction is usually terrible and you can't even see their ass. Good scene though.

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