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Big Wet Butts presents: Sexy Blonde is sprayed with oil and anal fucked hard

Scene Title: Analization

Storyline: Who is she?..unbelievably sexy Kathy Anderson. Her claim to fame?..smoking hot body with an ass to bow down and worship! This bombshell is giving you guys 50 minutes of non-stop ass pounding action!
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What people are saying about: Kathy Anderson - Analization bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

whaler87 said: Love, Kathy Anderson!! This is typical Euro-guy bullshit.....oil and asshole guy ruining the whole fuckin scene. Keep the euro chicks.........but run-off those jerkoff euro guys for good.

Comment #2

colamaus31 said: kathy is a very pretty woman,but the man or the woman behind the camera must learn to make erotic videos.please stand up from the ground,i'm not a doggy.and i don't want to see the girls from a doggyposition everytime..the long introducing is very good.good to enjoy the girls.but the camera.....no.....

Comment #3

Anderson2 said: You are killing kathy. she a very good actress. But 260 MB of introduction big wet butts scenes? Your sheat director. And the film would be just anal sex, and not convencional sex, like one of the scenes. Note 6. Your beast!

Comment #4

FoxSly said: Kathy Anderson - let's see more or her...

Comment #5

duckmannn1 said: why no 1 min clips

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