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Big Wet Butts presents: Kapri Styles fucks one of Brazzers big cocks in the biz

Scene Title: Peach of an ass

Storyline: Brazzers employee, Keiran Lee, is killing time at a local strip club in Montreal. He spots a beautiful round ass and decides to give it some serious attention. Kapri shakes her ass in Keiran face and puts him in a trance. He has to have that ass. Keiran pays the bouncer twenty bucks to get back stage with her. When Kapri finds out who Keiran works for; she sucks, fucks, and takes it in the ass like a champ to impress him.
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What people are saying about: Kapri Styles - Peach of an ass bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

ZZEurope24 said: Big fan of Kapri, we need more scenes from her !. Shes got a BIG ass on a small frame which I love. Liked the storyline and setting, wish she had showed her tits but a hot scene from her. She took it in her ass great, more black girls please.

Comment #2

climber08 said: Comment for Kapri and Keiran good big wet butts scene, keep comming back for more please. ZZ bosses get Kapri back for an other anal scene. To director and other technicians. I think this scene would have been a lot better with more light. And how can you choose to shoot an ebony girl against such a dark purple background. A more lighter colour would hve been a lot better.

Comment #3

earthbound0001 said: I relaly wasnt expecting anything.. But holy shit!!! Great scene!! Great ass. Nicely done.

Comment #4

jockinhaters said: AWESOME scene don't understand why the rating is so low the girl is scorching hot and the sex was real good.

Comment #5

kingsjutt1 said: That is what I'm talking about! Can I get more black girls on Brazzers. New ones too! Come on!. Good shit this time around. Kapri is nice.

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