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Big Wet Butts presents: Hot blonde getting her big wet butt fucked

Scene Title: Tighthole penetration

Storyline: Don't let the name fool you, there was nothing darling about this girl!Once the cameras started rolling this cock craving blonde got her round,juicy ass pounded and couldn't get enough!You will love this 45min scene of pure butthole pleasure.
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What people are saying about: Jane Darling - Tighthole penetration bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

Ryan0121 said: I was very suprsised to find a big wet butts scene with jane darling. After searching 12- 14 pages of girls, to end up on jane was more than suprising. Watch the scene, The best ass by far, natural tits, and an instantly creamy asshole. She is worth three lisa anns and six krissy lynns, bad move lettin that one go.

Comment #2

6116 said: One of the best anal scenes on Brazzers.com. Jane is amazing, the sex is outstanding as well as the camerawork. PLease bring Jane back for more of this.

Comment #3

warriorsoul2 said: this scene is amazing, the newer scenes on big wet butts just dont compare to these older ones as they dont use anywhere near as much baby oil. Coating the girls from head to foot in that stuff just makes it ten times sexier. come on brazzers, they use fuck all oil in the scenes lately

Comment #4

horndawg said: Without a doubt among the best in porn, not just today either. She and Kate/Katerina/Kathy Jones know how to make sex look like it like you want to be doing it all the time... come to think of it that's why I watch porn! Seriously, she fucks circles around almost everyother woman save the very special few.

Comment #5

hisham said: pls bring Jane again it is so sexy lady

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