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Big Wet Butts presents: Jada Fire with her luscious black ass getting a big white cock in it

Scene Title: The Audition

Storyline: Jada was having a regular day till she found a flyer on her car window. Extremely interested she went to check it out. When she got there she found out it was a rap video auditon for a big star , so she gave it her all. Ralph played his role properly by playing the "producer" or "director". It wasn't long after her dancing that she had her ass all oiled up and ready to get fucked. Jada is the Big Wet Butt queen.
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What people are saying about: Jada Fire - The Audition bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

garc991 said: Jada Fire=Goddess. She's absolutely gorgeous and one of the best. That body should be a national monument. I'd love to see more scenes of her. How about Jada and Sienna together? Jada and Lacey Duvalle? Jada and Memphis?

Comment #2

openrange said: She is the best looking black bitch EVER! She is built so well! GD!

Comment #3

buttphuka said: jada is definetley one of the hottest stars on the planet

Comment #4

nbafan said: Jada is hot ! She looked good in those heels. That cat spreading oil on her ass was nice too. I loved seeing her get ass fucked. Please more Jada!

Comment #5

unknown_supremecy said: This big wet butts scene is much better than the rating...To say she is gross is just wrong...are there some racist?... probably...there are some scenes where I scratch my head as to why the ratings are so high, to each its own...When that ethnic site drops that we were promised in early 08, we will see...I for one love ethnic chicks, especially latinas so hurrry up ethnic site...

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