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Big Wet Butts presents: Holly West starring in Big Butt Adventures scene

Scene Title: Big Butt Adventures

Storyline: In this weeks episode of Big Butt Adventures, Scott Nails takes us along on a dangerous ride to capture the wild and elusive Great Wet Desert Ass. Once the beast is captured he will attempt to tame the wild creature and bask in its beautiful presence.
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What people are saying about: Holly West - Big Butt Adventures bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

drsta804 said: love this chick she makes my balls tingle

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: It's gonna be hard for anyone to top Ava Devine. Holly is now number two that have done this type of scenario. I think she deserve some more voyeur time. Maybe they could have lured her to a trap. She wasn't going to get choked by that cock by no means. The cowgirl was good. I just like the next position better. Laying on her side with her ass cheeks spread. The doggy was pretty solid too. The best part of the big wet butts video was hearing her grunt. That's how you sell and get into your role. I like seeing this type scene getting repeated. Was that load even meant for her face? Snoogans!

Comment #3

smutluver said: Only Brazzers does this and thats what makes them different - fun scene - I luved it when her ass was in the cage! Technical point - wouldnt the camera man have got a better picture shooting with the sun and not against it?

Comment #4

LBoogie said: 6 out of 10! As much as I like seeing Holly, this scene should have had another porn star(RACHEL STARR), the pros: good plot, stripping of her underwear, and leaving them in the setting, fully nude porn star, anal action, nice camera views, and good positions. The cons: much greater, more big wet butts should have been in the setting, three or four more ladies, to run off, before he caught Holly, next, to be a wild creature, her sex actions, were very tame, which made the scene become boring pretty fast, very slow action, her putting restrain on Scott, and last closed mouth facial, this scene is a pass, but barely. HOLLY SHOULD TAKE SOME LESSONS FROM RACHEL STARR!

Comment #5

juveleo said: Yesterday Rachel scene, today.... WHERE IS THE SOPHIE DEE SCENE???????? wtf brazzers??

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