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Scene Title: How To Win A Contest

Storyline: Tomorrow is the final chapter of the Best Big Wet Butt competition and Harmony has only one thing on her mind: winning. She decides to pay a visit to one of the judges, John Strong, to show him the meaning of the word Harmony... You won't believe your eyes.
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What people are saying about: Harmony Rose - How To Win A Contest bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

julianlovesu said: Awesome ending. For a change, it is nice to see something different to the "Oh-I'm-coming-get-down-on-your-knees-smile-to-take-my-load-on-your-face" routine. Fantasstic ass fucking and lovely surprising kinky ending.

Comment #2

superjizz1 said: Unbelievable scene...I never comment but this has to be one of the best scenes EVER!!

Comment #3

danetown said: Holy shite, Harmony has always impressed me with the anal big wet butts scenes but now she has gone to a whole new level, awesome. I asked not too long ago for a creampie scene and i get this response, a creampie, then she gets the cum off the floor and swallows it, damn too much, i shall remain loyal to brazzers if they keep making scenes like this. Kudos to harmony for being sexy, crazy and nasty all in one. Good job and great scene.

Comment #4

Petermc3 said: Really awesome scene, nice to see a creampie for a change, I'm with MJ though on the whole storyline thing. They should have played the role a little more, her trying to convince him, then him saying no and then finally offering to let him fuck her in the ass to clinch the deal. I know it's cliched but it works. Only a minor quibble though, great scene.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans said: I thought that John being a judge should of have more refusal towards Harmony. Then she would of had to been more aggressive to get her point across. Even after stripping and dancing for he still isn't convinced to let her win. Until she suggests that he can fuck her in the ass. Anyway I guess Harmony must of had a gag order put on her. The mascara was running like a kids nose. Besides getting my fix of cowgirl, I liked the different variations of positions they used. I wasn't expecting the cream pie either. Just when I thought it was over this chick did something more. She dropped to her knees and like the cum from the floor. That's a jaw dropper. Snoogans!

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