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Big Wet Butts presents: Flower Tucci does not mind to have people around watching her fuck

Scene Title: Jordan's Party

Storyline: Jordan is throwing a party at his place and he invited Flower and her friend's over. Flower has only one thing on her mind: Jordan's monster cock in her huge ass. It's a good thing, because Jordan happens to be craving Flower's big round bouncing ass on his dick...
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What people are saying about: Flower Tucci - Jordan's Party bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

marcio8 said: This ass is very hot, I want fuck very hart. mmmmmmmm

Comment #2

chiasson26 said: Flower got amazing feet... very bad she was fucking with the heels and not bare foot... s

Comment #3

jobo88 said: I thought it was hot when one of the girls watching lubed up Jordan's cock.I was hoping for her to get involved.You could tell she wanted it when she stroked his cock,and she was hotter than Flower in my opinion.

Comment #4

robb201 said: I love Flower and this big wet butts video was good. It had some pretty hot parts in it, but Brazzers could have done it better. I loved watching her do shots while getting fucked, that was hot. I wish you would have had someone fill up (at least) one of the shot glasses while Flower was holding it in her ass. The squirting was hot, especially on the concrete, but you should have zoomed in so you could see it better. The people standing around watching didn't seem interested through most of the scene, maybe you should have had them party a little more by doing body shots in the background and stuff like that. Love Tricia, glad she was in the scene, even it was as an extra. The face sitting was alright, she didn't smother his face that long before getting up. It still didn't beat the face sitting that took place in the Alexis Texas & Brianna Love scene. And the biggest fuck up you made is not having Jordan shoot his load in a shot glass and ending the scene with a shot of cum (cumshot in glass and then she drinks it) at the end! What the fuck are you guys thinking? The World's Best Porn Site doesn't end every scene with the same fucking cumshot. Start doing different shit! Overall, it was a decent scene, but could have been much better. 7/10.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Some scene I don't mind the clothes change, other times I do. Its not that Flower doesn't have a nice ass. It's just that it's not that bubble ass. So all the bouncing was alittle over done. Now people standing around watching them fuck was like an AIP scene. Her doing shots while she was riding cock was really hot. Not sure what was going on between her and the one guy but someone might got laid after this scene. That squirt wqas awesome seeing it in the concrete. The was one helluva facial Jordan put on her. Once half the scene ticked away the scene finally picked up a good pace. Snoogans!

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