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Scene Title: My Butt is Too Big

Storyline: Diamond is having a hard time accepting that she had a big butt. She decided to get an experts opinion. She arrived at Dr. Jenner's home office and he immediately hypnotized her and made her embrace her butt and love it. That wasn't the only thing he made her do.He fucked her so hard when she woke up she felt like a new woman...
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What people are saying about: Diamond Foxxx - My Butt is Too Big bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

cdhombre69 said: Now this is what I have been looking for. Diamond Foxxx doing anal!!! Hell yea. What a fuckin' ass. She is in my top 5 already and now that I've seen her ass get fucked, she has moved up a notch or two. She has one of the curviest bodies in the biz. There is no better milf around. More of that ass Diamond, please!!!!

Comment #2

darrylbn3 said: WHY is it when you find a beautiful,sexy,fine lady that is WILLING and WANTING to take the whole load on her tongue in all of her movies here, these sorry ass guys, having the open waiting mouth right in front of them somehow MISS and the load hits the floor or elsewhere?PLEASE brazzers find some guys who have huge loads and DO NOT miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #3

robb201 said: This big wet butts scene was pretty hot. There was only a couple things I would change. I still stand by my original comment, her tits are too big. You gotta keep them realistic in size Diamond. You don't have the figure to level out a chest like that. I liked the hypnotizing big wet butts scenario. The changing clothes in the beginning of the scene seemed unnecessary, at least for the amount of time spent on it. Her tone of voice just didn't seem to fit this scenario. The more it went on I was thinking she just didn't fit in with thise scenario. Her tone of voice reminds me of the type of people that will be really nice to your face, but deep down they really don't like you. I can't stand fake people like that. Not trying to be mean, but thats what her tone comes across like to me. I agree with morningtug, Bree Olson would have been outstanding in this type of scene, but then again Bree Olson knock any scene out of the ball park. Nonetheless, Diamond did a decent job. Jenner played his role almost perfectly. I would have had her say "I feel the power making its way to my butt" and then end the scene with her getting an anal creampie and possibly cumfarting it out and licking or slurping it up. And when she received the anal creampie, she'd say "I feel the power is dripping out of my butt." Brazzers, you guys gotta get rid of these facial cumshots. Every scene has them and they've been old for al ong time now. You gotta start doing creampies (Anal & Vaginal) and if the girls not willing, at least a swallowing cumshot or cum swapping then swallow. At least have swallowing for fucks sake. 8/10.

Comment #4

Marxey said: What a diamond! She is so hot its ridiculous. Brilliant. She is fantastic. Perfect body, perfect milf. She looks like a barbie doll I love it. Wish we had girls like that in the UK. Thank goodness for brazzers. Bravo, bravo.

Comment #5

pornfan3 said: This is an awesome anal scene and I was never into BigWetButts because it was usually the same scenerios.

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