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Big Wet Butts presents: Delilah Strongs Big Ass fucked deep and hard

Scene Title: Big Butt Pretty Face

Storyline: We had a day off and so did Delilah Strong, so we decided to invite her over to hang out by the pool. We started talking and she told us that recently her dildo broke. We know how to fix that.. we called Keiran and his foot long to fill up this girl on her day off. Keiran didn't mind at all , he loves big butt and fucking hot chick in the ass..
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What people are saying about: Delilah Strong - Big Butt Pretty Face bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

swedecoal said: I can't get enough...of that funky stuff! If you're looking for some intense oral and anal all wrapped up into one scene, look no further. Delilah puts on a hell of a performance and Keiran turns up the dial on the rough stuff meter. The scene is categorized under "anal", but for fans of "oral"'ve come to the right spot. Props to both performers for a ton of energy and some down and dirty sex.

Comment #2

butterscotch said: oh and of course what a great ass... soo juicy and round! it looks great with that thong wedged up between her ass cheeks! fucking hot!

Comment #3

BUFFDADDYDX said: Now thats an ASS. Brazzers keep her coming back. I'm normally not into anal but who can pass on a girl with an ass like that.

Comment #4

robb201 said: Not a bad big wet butts video. Keiran did get a little rougher with her than he has the girls in his other scenes. I liked the hair grabbing while she was sucking dick, and pulling her head back, fucking her face. Nice stuff. I liked Delilah's personality in this scene, she seemed like a cool chick. The camera angles were alright. It wasn't the best scenario, but it turned out alright. I liked her crawling to the cock, but it seemed weird to have her walk away from the cock only to crawl back. You should have had her crawl to Keiran's cock. The sex itself was decent, it wasn't rough at all though. Both did pretty good in this scene. Overall, 8/10.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: This was some of a disappointment. I was hoping for a script. Something was missing badly. I mean we got big (whether it was Delilahs ass or Keirans cock) check, we got plenty of butt...check, and where was the wet? The outside lighting was pretty bad. Some very key angels were missed like crazy. The shadows made the scene even worse. However I'm glad that you are going out and getting chicks with really big butts. Remember if you really want to shine then use Wesson lol. Snoogans!

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