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Big Wet Butts presents: Delilah Strong starring in Trump My Rump scene

Scene Title: Trump My Rump

Storyline: Delilah is enjoying a wonderfully made ice cream cone in the park when a lonely stranger comes by to keep her company. The topic of conversation is roughness and Delilah reveals that she likes "it" extremely rough. She takes off on her bike and the lonely stranger has to find a way to follow her home.
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What people are saying about: Delilah Strong - Trump My Rump bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

Jordan72 said: Is that a wedding ring on her hand? If so, that just makes the scene even hotter! Delilah has always been one of my favs. Ever since she was on Teens For Cash...her ass never stops. & yeah the lipstick tattoo is always awesome!!!

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: The only thing good about the story was James pushing dude off his bike. Delilah needed on a better pair of tight fitting shorts. I would really love it if ZZ gave James this site. He really knows how to make sure the focus stays on the ass. No silly mish or reverse cowgirl here. He's all about the ass just like he's suppose to be. She was on point with the bowl of head. So hot how he just puts his face right between her cheeks. That ass looked better here than it did with Keiran a month ago. I loved every single position he had her in. It got even better when they went to the stairs. James is the Deen of ass. Snoogans!

Comment #3

cdhombre69 said: Great ass. Great fuckin'. Loved the fact that as soon as they got inthe door, he was all over the bitch!!! She did ATM as well as anybody. Nasty girl with a good girl look. Love it!

Comment #4

oniking said: great big wet butts scene, her anal scenes are 10 for sure!!! thx v. much for this one

Comment #5

TheSource said: Damn D, you really doin' it big since your comeback huh? D, you need to get little sister Daisy involved & then do a scene w/ her!! Now, that will be hot!

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