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Scene Title: Big Butt Audition

Storyline: We ran into Daphne Rosen at the local mall, and let me tell you everyone was looking at this big busty curvy girl. We conned her into thinking we were a clothing manufacturer. She came back to our place without asking questions and we had her try many outfits, but the only outfit she was interested in was a big dick in her pussy and ass...
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What people are saying about: Daphne Rosen - Big Butt Audition bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

MissSnoogans! said: For the Daphne Rosen fans out there. If you click on her name then click on interview you will video that some of you might find interesting.

Comment #2

Go_Broncos said: This is a pretty hot big wet butts update! Daphne is voluptuous as usual! More scenes with Lee Stone. The man is a stud!

Comment #3

YungRedd713 said: I know her body is about fake as can fucking be. But I don't even care, she looks too damn delicious!!

Comment #4

Doc said: Daphne is always on top of her game.........great scene !!

Comment #5

joeoH291 said: I really like Daphne cause she does her best everytime the camera hits her. I will admit her ass wasn't the best thing to look at during the tease scene. She is far from fat too. I mean you can tell she has had alot of work done to her body. I don't see a problem with that. Hell you got pornstars now are just in awful shape and don't give a damn. Glad you did your best again Daphne. Horrible cumshot too. Snoogans!

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