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Big Wet Butts presents: Big Butt Claire Dames gets her asshole ripped hard by a big cock

Scene Title: A Great Payback...

Storyline: How long have we waited for Claire to come to Big Wet Butts? Well it's finally here boys, Claire's beautiful body all exposed and her ass ready to be fucked. Vic really set this one up good, TJ thought he was getting a check. Vic had other things in mind; Claire Dames and some real ass fucking. T.J. didn't seem to mind, although Claire is very demanding...
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What people are saying about: Claire Dames - A Great Payback... bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

595de said: Claire is absolutely smoking hot! She definitely should be with someone with better gear and a lot more energy. What a shame to waste such a beautiful body on someone who needs an instruction manual to make this the hottest movie out there!

Comment #2

BOYS_dela2 said: Ohhh Boy Claire Dames,that Girl is Sexy Hot with some Huge Boobs(I love them).She is one of my Favorites but I didn't like the Scene(I didn't finished it) for 2 Reasons: -The guy she fucked is weak with a way too small cock.Brazzers,y'all have a bunch of guys with big cocks like Johnny,Joe,Criss,ralph to name a few,why y'all get some with small cocks ? I'm pretty sure the Girls don't feel anything. -The scene was shot outside with lot of sunlights,you can't see her Body with that sunlight.Y'all got lot of scenes like that. There are 3 things that I don't like about porn scenes:Small Cocks ,scenes outside on the sun & lot of talks. Other than that Brazzers y'all are the Best.Thanks for this Site.

Comment #3

bigdaddip13 said: Claire is the SHIT!!! The real deal!!! TJ fucks up the video!! Put her with a better stud and then let her talents make the Flick!!!!

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: I know you guys are happy that Claire took it in the ass. I'm not sure how you think they fucked good. If it wasn't for the teasing, I would have fell asleep. These had the worst chemistry. His cock is too small for cowgirl. He fell out every three strokes. I could have fucked Claire better with a strap-on. TJ wasn't the right choice for this shoot. I always thought outside fucking would be hot. Wrong, the shadows blocked some of the action. Just hoped for better. Snoogans!

Comment #5

AVY_LOVER said: Its about time that bangin body got it in the ass. Good job guys! Claire is smokin.

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