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Big Wet Butts presents: Carmella Bing lets her boyfriend fuck her asshole for his birthday

Scene Title: Happy Ass-Day

Storyline: Carmella wanted to give her boyfriend something very very special for his birthday so she decided to finally let his fantasies roam. He's always wanted to try anal sex but she was always reluctant. It's his birthday though and Carmella is all about pleasing her boyfriend...
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What people are saying about: Carmella Bing - Happy Ass-Day bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

danetown said: I love carmella, she's one of the hottest in the biz, the creampie coul've been better as well with the action, the guy was barely getting in there before shooting his load up.All and all good job carmella.

Comment #2

I_am_McLovin said: Carmella is the hottest chick on here in my book (along with a few others). She is not fat at all---she is what a woman is supposed to be--fucking hot with curve. That's what I'm talking about....she is pure up McLovin qualified!

Comment #3

320 said: First of all she is one of the hottest in the business. This scene was hot. I would like to see more wide shots in the missionary position. Love to see her lying there getting pounded! Carmella is fine ass hell!

Comment #4

Diatribe said: Anal Creampie was something a bit different for once. Although not a massive fan of this i love to see variety so things don't get boringly average. I wouldn't say this scene is amazing but it's a good one. I reckon i feel it's not amazing due to Carmella's normally being of a high standard of which is the norm with her.

Comment #5

gino9999 said: Carmella's scenes are always hot!!! I loved the internal cum shot, but it would have even been hotter if she would have taken some the cum dripping from her ass and tasted it, or at least rubbed some if the cum on her face. I also think it would have been better if she would have said more about how good the cum felt in her ass, and instead of kissing the guy at the end of the scene maybe have her ask the guy if he liked cuming in her ass i.e. a little nastier dialog along with the internal cum shot. Don't get me wrong the scene was great, but these are just a few suggestions to spice things up and make scenes even better!

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