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Scene Title: Wet market anal-ysis

Storyline: Scott's scared about the status of the current economy and has a dilemma at Big Butt Enterprises; he's got to let go of two thirds of his ass-sets. He brings in his stock to review and test their market value, dismissing the cheeks that don't pass his rigorous tests then puts it all on the line and rides out his last remaining ass-set; Bobbi Starr. Looks like Bobbi's ass is going to rake in the cash at Big Butt Enterprises!
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What people are saying about: Bobbi Starr - Wet market anal-ysis bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

Bobbi and Scott are two of the best in the industry and they are my favorites. Don't waste time with other dudes. Excellent!!!!

Comment #2

Scott needs to stay dressed longer, I don't really care about his body. Keep the suit on and fuck the redhead. Who is she?? Gorgeous. SEQUAL TIME!!

Comment #3

Ms. Starr may be one of the finest performers in the industry. Her deep throat was simply amazing. Her ass took everything Scott could give her. Her bush is, indeed, unique in today's world of porn. And her swallowing skills are second to none. A very good all anal scene. Loved the ass-to-mouth that followed each penetration. The finger play test was a riot and the girls who got rejected acted well. I'll always be open to more B. Starr on Brazzers or in my bedroom. Wherever she wants to be is fine with me although I certainly prefer the latter!!! LOL

Comment #4

Scott Nails is a very good actor. Sometimes I can't even watch the intros to some scenes with certain male talent (aka outside the top 3), but the dude shines here.

Comment #5

Bobbi's scenes are always good. Thanks for having here again! An awesome performer!

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