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Scene Title: Big Butt Neighbor

Storyline: Day in the life of Seth Dickens, who cares, in till he runs into Ana Nova, what a goddess. The thing I like about Seth is that he's straight to the point, he got Ana back to his place and didn't spare a minute to get her clothes off. She sucked his dick like a real pro and he gave her the fuck of her life, oh yeah and anal also.Come and get it boys...
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What people are saying about: Ana Nova - Big Butt Neighbor bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

dawnrazor1 said: Ana Nova so hot and we need to have more scenes with her , but you need to get rid of this stupid 'cameraman is talking to the actors ' stuff ; this ruins all the scenes

Comment #2

High55 said: Another cameraman with his head up his ass and with a dude doing some fucked up crap at Brazzers. Ana Nova could do with a different big wet butts set up as she is really hot and sexy. But in this scene the two guys are messing it all up. Kick them out for good. Brazzers got to get their act together instead of this nonsense. And bring Ana back for some good hot sex.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: Not a good way to start focusing on Seth. I think Ana has a look about her that is so different from the other Brazzers chicks. It's the hair, her eyes, and her accent. Where did she get that shirt cause I want it? I don't think small cocks like Seth and TJ should be used on BWB. I hate the cameramans voice. The sex was okay but like I said it was Seth being used. Snoogans!

Comment #4

AfrOne said: Anna Nova - simply love this woman. IMO, her scenes haven't received high enough marks; but, this hottie is the 'real deal'! Great sexual appetite, smokin' body, nice face, sexy German accent; what more can a 'stroker' ask for?! I hate seeing low ratings for Ana, because I've enjoyed stroking to her on many other sites/DVDs. It's unfortunate that Brazzers hasn't accentuated Ana's skills in their scenes. Production/direction, let's get our 'A' game on - we need more Ana in RAB, BT@S, BT@W, MGB, & MLIB!

Comment #5

dragonciv1 said: love this glad u guys brought her back.....should get her roleplaying something nice

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