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Big Wet Butts presents: Big Booty girl slamming the voyeur from next door

Scene Title: Big Butt Obsession

Storyline: Cheyne couldn't take it anymore so he decided to sneak into Alanna's house and setup a web cam. Once the camera was in place, Cheyne hid in the closet for Alanna's arrival. He wasn't quiet enough and he got caught, but Alanna didn't seem to mind so she decided to have him worship and fuck the shit out of her big wet butt...
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What people are saying about: Alanna Ackerman - Big Butt Obsession bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

Johnspite said: I agree, The cowgirl would have been steamin hot! Other than that i twas awesome scene. The member that sigested the beating off in the closet was cool too. Overall, exelent scene. Need more like her. Natural, fun, sexy, siductive.

Comment #2

robb201 said: Alanna is pretty fucking hot. I love her scenes and this was another good scene by her. Cheyne isn't bad, I think a lot of people hate just because he isn't hung like a horse. They worked pretty good together. I love her tits and her ass. Glad to see her do anal, but I would liked to have seen so vaginal too. Why do we have to have one or the other? Can't we have a little bit of both in a scene? I agree, he should have been jackin it while hiding in the closet. The scenario itself was average. Loved watching her come in wearing just the towel and then putting her clothes on. But the whole hidden camera thing seem amateur to me. A good first scene, hopefully we can get her on AIP and BTAS. The sex was decent, would liked to have seen rougher sex though. I have to agree with a lot of the other users, you could have picked some better positions and sacrificed a few that you ended up using in this scene. 8/10.

Comment #3

ny4life said: great ass! wish i saw that cowgirl. more facesiiting too. brazzers needs more smother from asses like that!

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: First time viewing Alanna and to be honest. I didn't know she had an ass like that. The times I've seen her pic on BB, it's all about her natural tits. This big wet butts video fucking rock. Not sure which acting was better between Jordan and Cheyne for being obsessed with ass. They both were great to watch. I know people aren't digging Cheyne but I like what he brings. I kinda wish he was beatin off in the closet might have helped him get some blood flowing through that cock before hand. I still can't get over Alanna making her debut and doing anal. Too bad he slummed out with that facial. Him giving a thumbs up to the other camera was fucking great. His exit was fucking genius. Take a bow member that suggested it. It's a shame she had to cover her bod cause of some haters on here. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

hammett12 said: she is so sexy with an incredible ass, one of the sexiest in the business

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