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Scene Title: Panty Raid

Storyline: T.J. is dating Mika's sister but all he really does is fantasize about Mika's big ass. He got into the house and went straight for the panty drawer in Mika's room. Just when he thought he was going to get away , Mika came in and ruined his panty raid. Then and only then was T.J. able to tell Mika about his fantasy. Mika took it with pride and teased him like hell before actually fucking his dick.
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What people are saying about: Mika Tan - Panty Raid bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

adams123 said: nice, we need more asian girls on brazzers

Comment #2

marie_n_nate said: This scene shows that it's okay to enjoy the pussy. Nice tempo. Not just the same ol' beat the pussy up and pop shot. The cum shot was garbage, and so was TJ's acting. That voice killed it, although he fucked Mika like I'd fuck her. With a mixed up pace. Nothing wrong with a slow stroke every now and again.

Comment #3

Horney3 said: What is wrong with this slut. She sucks, gets fucked in both cunt and ass, but has no interest in his cum. She may lick her fingers after getting some juice off her ass, but she should suck his prick dry of his cum to be a porn star.

Comment #4

joe said: ok first of all in my opinion, this is one of the hottest big wet butts scenes I've ever watched from you guys. The teasing, the dominance on both sides, was the hottest I've ever seen. WELL DONE! The beginning was a bit silly, but the worship and her reaction to his kinkiness well great and what secretly every man wants. A woman that plays to our personal kinks, is totally hot. Mika plays this wonderfully. She let him play his way and let him tease and dominate her, it was great whether the fucking was pussy or ass...it didn't matter. Excellent Job...10 from me. I do have one suggestion. At the end, next time you do this have the guy squat over her and cum down the crack of her ass and the cameraman should be shooting between their legs so he can see it fire and drip down. That would have been hot.

Comment #5

funkdoc said: Besides the flab in her mid-section, Mika looked as good as ever here. It is BWB, so just for the fact that a story was persent was fine enough for me. Why does TJ always try to act funny? He's a meathead, and meatheads are never funny when they try like that. One thing that he does that makes the scenes hot is his foreplay and teasing. I'm not big on anal, but this shit was hot, and the vaginal before anal was a nice change. I agree I need to see Mika Tan swallow a cock next time, she's great at it, but the fucking made up for it for me. And like everyone else: WTF is with the $$ shot on the legs?? Bullshit, yo.

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