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Big Wet Butts presents: Lorena Sanchez gets her ass lubed up before getting a major dick pounding

Scene Title: A Latina Butt With Bang

Storyline: Lorena Sanchez is a slightly popular star but boy she knows how to fuck and she looks good doing it. This scene she shows us why she's probably the best looking latina chick out there. With her perfect ass, nice tits and beautiful face, it will take you no time to explode when you watch this scene, you'll be hooked at the first instant you see her...enjoy~!
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What people are saying about: Lorena Sanchez - A Latina Butt With Bang bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

robb201 said: I love Lorena. She's fucking hot. She seemed to get along good with Cheyne, but only at the end of the scene. Her personality is cute. I met her at AdultCon. She has a nice body and a cute face. I don't think you've fucked her good in either of the two scenes you have of her. I'd like to see her really take that dick in her, make the sex rougher, I've seen other scenes of hers and they're hot, but you're not capturing it in your scenes. 7/10

Comment #2

funkdoc said: This is the 1st time I'm seeing Lorena, and damn is she one tasy little tamale. I'm not a fan of the gonzo, but I didn't mind the switch-up from the storyline. Just thought The dude could have appeared maybe 5 or 7 minutes in, instead of 12 minutes. The camera angles did suck, but Cheynne did his thing, and her cum drip at the end was hot. Please bring her back!

Comment #3

xavitio1 said: Brazzers ... more Lorena please. But damn, I wish she'd do anal!

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: My first look at Lorena Bobbit and...what's that...oops I meant Dirty Sanchez. Wrong again...WTF...oh wrong porn site. Sorry I was bored as I wait to get off work. Lorena Sanchez has got a phat ass that I love to see in action. Not much changed from the Trina Michaels scene to this except straight gonzo. You know I don't mind the chick doing some posing or even some ass shaking dancing but give her a toy so the first 15 mins don't seem like a waste. Well another chick doesn't take anal on BWB. I really don't care but I do understand why some get upset about it. Overall some really bad camera work but at least I got to see some cowgirl. 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #5

xavitio1 said: Awesome !!! I'm glad Lorena is back in a new big wet butts update. She has done some pretty raunchy stuff like ass to mouth and double vag, so anal is kind of the forbidden fruit with her. I'm surprised she hasn't done it, but she may not like it. If she is open to it Brazzers needs to film her doing anal. Either way Brazzers needs to keep filming her.

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