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Big Wet Butts presents: Kelly Divine starring in Getting aHead in Hollywood scene

Scene Title: Getting aHead in Hollywood

Storyline: Innocent Kelly has just stepped off the bus in Hollywood, determined to make a splash on the big screen. She's soon picked up and introduced to a director who shows her what it takes to make it in Hollywood.
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What people are saying about: Kelly Divine - Getting aHead in Hollywood bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

They need to have more BJ scenes with swallowing!!! That is sooo hot, and not just catching the load in the mouth and swallowing, more blowing a load in a chicks mouth like in this scene!

Comment #2

great butt pretty face but what i dont understand is why do directors think we want to see women with big beautifuf butts get spanked that is the biggest turn off i dont get it please stop with the smaking the ass.

Comment #3

The ass worshiping in this scene is absolutely crazy!!! It wouldn't worked with anyone without an ass like Kellys'. She plays the gulliable role so well. Her next scene should be in BigTitsAtSchool. She should play the teacher who gives a smart student a bad grade and refuses to change it. The student tries to get tough with her in his own meekly way, but she shut him down again. Which leaves him no choice but to flip a 180 on his approach, and give Ms. Divine exactly what she's asking for. What-da-ya think about that, Brazzers?

Comment #4

The first three parts were AWESOME!!! Forced sex, facial cream pie and great acting!!! I dont like her very much, but the acting was amazing and the first part of the scenario outstanding... Reminded me of the master artist of this type of sex, the Italian Salieri... Great job folks... Was thinking to quit after all the same scenes repeating themselves, but this changed my mind...

Comment #5

On October 10, 2009 at 1:49 PM, badboy316 said: outstanding scene yes brazzers thats what im talking about now this shit is a great scene i love how they used her like a fucking slut great job to everyone that did the scene come on more great kinky shit like this i love to see a good slut get what commin to them great job thank you ... look forward to more scenes like this brazzers .

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