Jezebelle and August from Big Wet Butts

Big Wet Butts presents: Two bubblelicious asses getting pounded by a big cock

Scene Title: Big Ass Massage Therapy

Storyline: Charles Dera is the luckiest motherfucker ever!! He is showing his massage techniques to two of the hottest big ass girls out there. August and Jezebelle both have dream asses!! They are so round and juicy and Charles knows he has a good chance to pound these two bitches. So he gets them both horny by oiling them up and massaging their perfect asses until they ask for some cock!! Charles fuckin' pounded those asses good and these bitches fuckin' loved it!
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What people are saying about: Jezebelle and August - Big Ass Massage Therapy bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

bustinbichaz011 said: my god jezebelle is so hot, she looks like heaven when she sticks her ass out and theres her pussy just hangin out beggi to be fucked. i am bamboozled that she has only done one scene, i pray that u brazzers guys give her another one- please dont make me beg....

Comment #2

robb201 said: This big wet butts scene was alright. The girls were good, but I would have went with a different massage type scenario over the class scenario that you used. Dera was ok in this scene, still hate the guy though, but at least you got him to shut up in this scene. Start using some different people, he's be in almost every update for the past month, or at least it seems that way, I'm sick of seeing the douche bag in every scene. 7/10

Comment #3

Interrobang said: To those who asked whether August has gotten implants, and those who now find her sexier than she was before, the answer is that the two are definitely connected. There's no question that she's gotten implants, and no question that she's now the sexiest looking that she's ever been. I hate to admit it, but breast augmentation really CAN make a woman that much sexier. Just look at August.

Comment #4

funkdoc said: 2 great hineys all oiled up bouncing on a dick? Gotta love it. Always been a fan of August and her ass, and her acting was really good, but she's been around for a while so I expect that. Jezebelle is hot also. Dera finally played a good role and shut his trap for once. Good job Charlie

Comment #5

YungRedd713 said: What a great scene! Now that's a lotta ass!! Both of these girls are smokin hot and you need to get them both back for individual scenes on BWB's. Did a great job with this scene though, nothing for me to complain about.

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