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Big Wet Butts presents: Aurora Jolie fucking before her shoot is on

Scene Title: Ass Warm Up

Storyline: Scott is called in by his friend to work on a porn movie set. His job is simple, rub oil on the female talent's ass... We all know what this can lead to, especially when Aurora asks him to warm up her ass before the scene!!!
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What people are saying about: Aurora Jolie - Ass Warm Up bigwebutts scene

Comment #1

iceman20 said: Hot Girl With Great Anal Skils, white cocks in black babes (anal of course)

Comment #2

amakhlooq96 said: Aurora the best anal pornstar

Comment #3

Phoenix31 said: I can never get tired of Aurora...wish she had more updates!

Comment #4

Estigio60 said: The idea for the swallow was good, but the guy must be carefull for thet all the cum falls inside the mouth, please more of this type of swallowing scenes. Aurora is pretty and hot.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: I liked the story for the BTS of it. It's been done before but decent enough. Though Aurora didn't really play her role up enough to me. Too many looks toward the camera tells me after all this time that she's still lost on set. I thought she was get freaky with the sucker in her mouth. I just knew it was going in her ass or not. She's very attractive but I was looking for more from her. When she was in that chair, she really wasn't ready for all of Scott. This big wet butts update was nice and all but I was expecting more considering since her last appearance. Props on taking that cumshot involving the sucker. Snoogans!

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