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Scene Title: Don't you wish your girl was a freak like me!

Storyline: Andi accompanies her best friend shopping spree to get a chance to spend some time with her bestfriend's boyfriend, Scott. Andi will pull out all the stops to have a taste of Scott's big dick in her mouth and deep in her ass. Andi is one dirty, ass reamage loving girl! No girlfriend can compete with that.
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Comment #1

TymeFame said: I personally liked her lips. They looked huge yet very enjoyable, lol. I wish she'd suck me up. Now on the other hand she aint got no ass. I mean none. Jayden got ass, Alexis got ass but her hhhmmmm no. Id still fuck tho

Comment #2

mcgjoe said: Relax guys. Sure the lips are overboard, BUT she's got a great body, good blow job skills, she took it in the pussy and ass and swallowed a big load. Would'nt these be nice qualities for a wife or girlfriend?

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: Any chance of the writing getting some ideas off the forum? I don't blame her for rolling her eyes at the extra. I wanted to beat her ass. A few good things happen during this big wet butts video. The sixty-nine was pretty damn refreshing. I liked how she creamed on his cock. I like how she didn't mind trading back and forth between her pussy and ass. I liked how when he was T-boning her, she was trying to fuck him back. I loved how she rotated his cock while they were in doggy. She wasn't even interested in a facial. She wanted to swallow that load. I have to give Andi credit. She's dropped some weight and is looking good. Snoogans!

Comment #4

ryexpress said: Brazzers just told me, they couldn't fix the trailer due to the fact that this girl's LIPS broke it PERMANENTLY! LOL!!!!!

Comment #5

Albaster331 said: LoL... Seriously, you're right, those lips are jacked up and definitely don't work for her, but that's not ZZ's fault.

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